Contemporary Writers and Paper

by Joanne von Spanien

Ok, so as a transgender person, I follow a lot of transgender writers and bloggers and all round awesome queer cyber geeks.

The thing is, I have this other facet of my personality that is totally like hard core traditional writer who locks-themself up for hours at a time and reads four books a week.

While I would never call the people I find so inspirational “non-legitimate” writers (whatever that even means), I often resist the urge to say, “You really ought to work on your craft. Those adverbs do nothing but slow you down. Don’t opt for more than one five word, super hyphenated adjectives so close together, etc., etc.”

Another thing I’ve noticed, is that these folks have an abhorrence of paper and pen. Now, like anybody else nowadays, I get it. A keyboard (and mine’s a Dvorak, thank you very much!) is much more efficient and practical than longhand. Still, I can’t help thinking that writers should at least once in a while practice writing longer things by hand. It slows you down, of course! It makes you think. Most importantly, makes you phrase whole thoughts definitively before committing them to paper… that or having so match cross out marks that your piece looks like some secret code. You can’t write without your computer! Common. Writers can write anywhere!

So, idk. Did I have a point. Do I just come off as an arrogant cunt? Like an old person when I’m only 24?