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“These Words Are So Overused They’ve Become Meaningless” (it’s short. Basically the thesis is that words like literally. honestly, absolutely, etc. used to mean something and now are forever ruined.)
Okay, I hate shit like this. Why? Because all languages have filler words and, guess what, these words change over time and, guess what, if you’re, say, writing dialogue, using them to some extent is essential to recreating the way people actually talk.
Would you want to just toss them around in terse prose? Well, no. BUT…
Also, to everyone who gripes about shit like “If I was” or “the winner was me” why don’t I just give you an Anglo-Saxon dictionary. You can grind up the pages and snort them.
People get their p***ies in a twist over this stuff, but there are SO MANY linguistic changes happening right under our noses (cot, caught. Do they sound the same when you say them?) that no one f***ing notices. It’s when these colloquialisms filter into conservative writing styles that idiot editors, who don’t even know what the Germanic umlaut (it’s not this: ü, ä, ö) or a pitch accent is, apparently become linguistic experts.
</end rant>

Changing Ones: Third and fourth genders in native North America

I really cannot recommend this book enough. True, even I sort of reached my limit when the author talked about the Mohave fecal fetus in third-gender folks. But it is chalk-full of awesome quotes: “… Because of its ubiquity worldwide gender non-conformity appears to have been part of the proto-human cultural complex.” What an awesome sentence is that!

It’s a shame that the influence of culture still boo-hooed in the queer community. These are multifaceted complex traits. Just because there are cultural influences constantly condensing and “metabolizing” latent genetic tendencies does not mean that alternative sexual behaviors, fantasies and attractions doesn’t are somehow not legitimate or unimportant. These phenomena are not purely material (id est, genetic and hormonal) and possible cultural influences range from the masculinity and femininity of a given culture, its individualism and the influences of prejudice and conformative forces from communities as different as mainstream consumerist culture and the queer community, which works so hard to differentiate itself from the mainstream.

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