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Protests and violence in Baltimore: an integral view

Recommended. Good commentary and philosophy

“Measured in terms of death, destruction and injury, Jeff points out, the violence last week was about one tenth what it was during the riots in 1968. We can talk about how bad things are, and we can talk about how far we’ve come, and both perspectives are true. A funny thing happens as we develop–we become more sensitive to injustice, and act to rectify it. As we act to rectify it, we become ever more sensitive to it, and on it goes, so that the gap between our ideals and our reality never closes.

“What’s ultimately going to overcome racism on this planet is the increased ‘mongrelization’ of the human race.”

TERFs, feminism, privilege

I was gonna write about language, but I’ve got feminism on the mind.

So the thing is, most things that TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) feminists … wait, that was redundant. Most things that TERFs say would easily be considered hate speech coming from anyone male or a part of an organized religion. If you’re new to the concept, the gist of it is that they refuse to see trans women as women, lobby to try and kick them out of women’s shelters, accuse queer trans women as metaphorically “raping women” and a lot of other things which make about as much sense as the tenets of scientology. It’s easy to google if you’re still curious.

They’re a tiny, albeit vocal, minority. The problem is that their dogma seems to trickle down into mainstream queer culture in a diluted, yet mildly to blatantly transphobic form. Many trans women have tried to criticize this phenomenon, but are often dismissed—albeit in academic, latinate language—basically because their trans. This is a whole ‘nother bag of worms. Again, easy to google if you’re curious.

Okay, so there’s a small branch of toxic feminism out there. Sad, but so what? Well, I think it illustrates a bigger problem with current feminism: bogus theory that goes unchallenged. Read the rest of this entry »

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