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Axial Procession!

Kids, remember learning about axial procession (procession of the equinoxes) in physics class? I propose public schools adopt this demonstration to explain the phenomenon. They will remember it better for standardized tests!

Ice cream and constipation

One of those days, when you think you’re sick, and then it’s like, oh no, just constipated. WTF, why? Oh, right, those four ice cream bars back to back for dinner mighta had something to do with it.

So I went to a trans thing in Madrid this evening. Talks were good, and the subject was Challenges Faced in Childhood and Adolescence. The thing is, the two big speakers were cis, a lesbian psychologist and mother of a trans kid. An 18-year-old trans woman spoke for like five minutes.

All well and good, open-minded people. And honestly, said 18-year-old gave it a hell of a go. I admire her bravery immensely, but she had about as much to say as you’d expect an 18-year-old to have. Like, her perspective was essential, but I would really appreciate more theory directly from the trans community, as important as allies are.

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