Protests and violence in Baltimore: an integral view

Recommended. Good commentary and philosophy

“Measured in terms of death, destruction and injury, Jeff points out, the violence last week was about one tenth what it was during the riots in 1968. We can talk about how bad things are, and we can talk about how far we’ve come, and both perspectives are true. A funny thing happens as we develop–we become more sensitive to injustice, and act to rectify it. As we act to rectify it, we become ever more sensitive to it, and on it goes, so that the gap between our ideals and our reality never closes.

“What’s ultimately going to overcome racism on this planet is the increased ‘mongrelization’ of the human race.”

Constitutional interpretation and entrail reading

This is a day late, BUT…

So think what happened yesterday in the US Supreme Court is absolutely wonderful, yada, yada, et cetera.

But am I the only one who thinks constitutional interpretation is a bit like reading entrails? Or at least an honorable game of “now what do you think the connotation of this word/phrase is? Well, I don’t know, but I’m thinking of a number between one and ten…”

The writers of the Fourteenth Amendment most certainly did not have yesterday’s ruling in mind when they wrote it.

And yes, I know there’s this idea is that the US Constitution is supposed to be flexible and all that, but even so, I guarantee you every one of them would have freakin’ hated this court ruling.

So, I don’t know. Not sure I have a point other than that the constitution seems vague enough that it can justify anything from net neutrality (or not), same sex marriage (or not), NSA spying (or not) depending on the zeitgeist of whatever time we’re in…

Calling it a sacrèd document is most certainly an unconscious noble lie.

And now I’m an expert…?

I was lost and confused for years and now I’m suddenly an expert. I gotta admit it feels good.

(From a Fetlife questions whose gist was: “I feel like this but am not sure how to identify. Non applicable, genderqueer, genderfuld, etc.)

Well a lot of what queer theory is in general is just postmodern philosophy applied to human sexuality. And one of the great contributions of postmodernism was its emphasis of the “translinguistic”.

That may sound complicated, but it really just means that every experience, from our gender to eating an ice cream sundae is technically ineffable. We can approximate how we feel with words and phrases. And we do all the time. Some phrases fit quite well. If you’ve ever studied a foreign language you’ve probly had the experience of learning some phrase that you were like “Oh, that’s so perfect for situation X! I wish we had that phrase in English!”

So, to answer your question, genderqueer and genderfluid are just two terms with a slightly different emphasis on the gray space ‘twixt male- and femaleness. Genderfluid tends to be used for people who feel their gender “flows” or is variable day by day or hour by hour. Whereas genderqueer emphasizes a more static state between male and female. Basically like androgynous, but you also get a queer identity and get to be part of the queer community… I guess.

Loved your question. As a trans person currently transitioning, I’m still pondering whether I identify as a dykey androgynous woman or as someone non-binary or genderqueer or genderfluid… or if there’s really much of a difference there at all, if it’s just two angles of the same thing.

My strategy’s been to “feel out” what fits best. We’ll see. Best of luck!


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