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Burn the Buddha!

If I love perennial philosophy and spirituality, why do I still have so many hangups when it actually comes to practicing Buddhism? Oh yeah, ’cause even Western Buddhism still drags around a shit-ton of metaphysical abstractions that are ethnocentric, patriarchal and sexist.

Burn the Buddha! As Alan Watts said, he only got the dialogue going, and the philosophy’s come a long way since him. To say otherwise implies we haven’t learned anything in the past 2600 years.

Dalai Lama and Religion

If I’m not mistaken, the Dalai Lama’s technical stance on oral sex is that it’s bad karma, which is rubbish, sucks and blows.

Regarding related matters, to everyone who’s mad at the Dalai Lama, remember that Buddhism is in some ways (not all!) pre-modern. Like Catholicism, it needs reforms too.

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