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Not sure how far I’m gonna take this gender-fluid thing, but we’re doing some sort of transition. At least, after shaving, on a good hair day, I feel halfway there.

No sé exactamente todo lo que haré sobre este de disforia de género, pero sí haré algún tipo de transición. Por lo menos, justo después de afeitar y con el pelo bien hecho me siento en el camino que quiero.

Computer Love

So, one of those nights when you start to read a queer webcomic and end up reading the entire thing.


P.S. Though my love is written work, I’ve got a soft spot for this sort of visual art.

How exciting that the trans* and genderqueer communities are still keeping Latin and Greek roots alive, even midst Tumblr neologisms!!





Androgyne, etc., etc.

I’ll stop here, but awesomeness!

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