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Transgender language nerd time!

So I saw an infographic on Tumblr. Basically it went like this: “don’t call trans women transwomen ’cause that others then, makes them sound like some sort of alien freak of nature, not just a type of woman, much like a cis woman.

The thing is, noun phrases like this are always written as a single word auf Deutsch. I wouldn’t say this is offensive. That said, I don’t know much about the German trans community. But it’s important to remember these phrases have a different cultural-linguistic association.

Language defines us and we define language. And it changes and we change and we change it.

Deutsch und latiniche Sprache

Whilst studying German I read about genderqueer and transgendered people. When studying Latin it’s all about cis men pillaging, raping and conquering. I’m not ashamed to say I’m into both, as far a literature goes.

Basic literary German

Basic literary German: Euch werdet in der Kneipe betrinken. Du wirst in der Kneipe betrinken. Wir werden in der Kneipe betrinken.

We’ve all gotta start somewhere, right?

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