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How exciting that the trans* and genderqueer communities are still keeping Latin and Greek roots alive, even midst Tumblr neologisms!!





Androgyne, etc., etc.

I’ll stop here, but awesomeness!

The Vulgate/Biblia Vulgata

Reading Genesis of the Latin Vulgate and laughing about the “semen” God spreads over the “terra.” I am totally an adult.

Leyendo Genesis de la Bilia Vulgata en latín, me encuentro riéndome del “semen” que Dios echa sobre la “terra.” Jeje, soy muy madura.

I’m sort of in love with the very Latinate Chinese-ish sounding scientific name of this Asian sauropod.:

Me he enamorado del nombre científico chino-latino de este saurópodo asiático:

Xinjiangtitan shanshanesis

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