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Classical Latin and transgender literature

Catus and Nevada

Come back drunk from dinner, which to read, which to read? I’ve read both Imogen Binnie’s Nevada and the Cat in the Hat in Latin so many times! The obvious solution is to brush up my Latin by rereading The Cat in the Hat and then annotate Nevada with extensive Pierre-de-Fermat-esque marginalia: “I could prove you’re not an ‘autogynephiliac,’ James H., but first I have to feed my imaginary cat.” Posso tuum tamquam puella non te places probare, Iacobe H., sed primo habeo felem imaginariam meam alere.

(P.S., my Latin is actually very rusty, so apologies, classicists, if I got stuff wrong.)

“Dinner for Two” video game almost finished!

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-08 a las 21.58.04 for family copia

Oh, look! I’m almost done with a Twine, images-included video game version of my modernized version of a medieval Persian poem. It messes with gender roles, human and divine.

Also, never want to code again.
Casi he terminado una versión de mi poema. Un videojuego basado en texto e imágenes. Cambia los roles de género humanos y divinos.

I just finished designing my first book’s interior. I’ve gotta say, I freaking loved it. Typesetting, putting images in place, making it all beautiful is so lovely!

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