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Expat books/Libros de expatriados

If anyone wants to look at their country in a different way, I recommend foreign language books written by an expatriate who lives in your country. Personally, I find books written by Spaniards living the the US fascinating, even if the writing and story itself is unremarkable.

 Si alguien quiere leer algo interesante, os recomiendo libros por expatriados que viven en tu propio país. Para mi, que sea técnicamente bien el libro o no, me encanta libros de Españoles (que escriben en español, claro) que viven en América.

Computer Love

So, one of those nights when you start to read a queer webcomic and end up reading the entire thing.


P.S. Though my love is written work, I’ve got a soft spot for this sort of visual art.

Basic literary German

Basic literary German: Euch werdet in der Kneipe betrinken. Du wirst in der Kneipe betrinken. Wir werden in der Kneipe betrinken.

We’ve all gotta start somewhere, right?

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