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Finished “Dinner for Two!”

for family copia


How to create the universe with your belovèd over a bottle of wine in rhymed iambic pentameter.

A PDF book and interactive poem, which plays around with gender roles, human and divine.

All for 0 USD!

That basically says it all.

“Dinner for Two” video game almost finished!

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-08 a las 21.58.04 for family copia

Oh, look! I’m almost done with a Twine, images-included video game version of my modernized version of a medieval Persian poem. It messes with gender roles, human and divine.

Also, never want to code again.
Casi he terminado una versión de mi poema. Un videojuego basado en texto e imágenes. Cambia los roles de género humanos y divinos.

Trans, po-mo, spirituality

Ugh, I feel like being transgender isn’t that hard. That is, on a good day, life isn’t that hard. What’s frustrating is being trans and wanting to be a spiritual writer. So many people out there are touted as geniuses for a few lines of free verse smack talking the patriarchy or pulling the “I’m a minority” card in a literary way. There’s a space for that. But here I’m standing thinking, “When did poetry die, and when did philosophers—gay, straight, trans cis or somewhere in between—stop feeling unity with humankind? When did we split into little whining factions. Oh yeah, postmodernism…

-Joanne von Spanien

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