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TERFs, feminism, privilege

I was gonna write about language, but I’ve got feminism on the mind.

So the thing is, most things that TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) feminists … wait, that was redundant. Most things that TERFs say would easily be considered hate speech coming from anyone male or a part of an organized religion. If you’re new to the concept, the gist of it is that they refuse to see trans women as women, lobby to try and kick them out of women’s shelters, accuse queer trans women as metaphorically “raping women” and a lot of other things which make about as much sense as the tenets of scientology. It’s easy to google if you’re still curious.

They’re a tiny, albeit vocal, minority. The problem is that their dogma seems to trickle down into mainstream queer culture in a diluted, yet mildly to blatantly transphobic form. Many trans women have tried to criticize this phenomenon, but are often dismissed—albeit in academic, latinate language—basically because their trans. This is a whole ‘nother bag of worms. Again, easy to google if you’re curious.

Okay, so there’s a small branch of toxic feminism out there. Sad, but so what? Well, I think it illustrates a bigger problem with current feminism: bogus theory that goes unchallenged. Read the rest of this entry »

Gender Variance and Patriarchy/Variabilidad de género y el patriarcado

I sometimes feel like I’m the only gender variant person defending the “patriarchy,” in the sense that I DON’T JUDGE HISTORICAL CHARACTERS BY MODERN STANDARDS! Like, we can criticize Freud all we want, and for God sake’s, the plot of the Iliad is literally Achilles’ hissy fit ’cause Agamemnon stole his slave girl. Now, regardless of who these guys were or weren’t, the fact is, Freud discovered that there was such a thing as a subconscious and you didn’t. Homer was a master of syncopated dactylic hexameter in a world where writing was virtually unknown—and you weren’t.

These aren’t moral standards we should shoot for today, but I’m so fucking tired and queers deriding the giants’ on whose shoulders we’re standing, and I’ll remind you that we don’t see eye to eye with them PRECISELY BECAUSE we are on their shoulders.


A veces me siento como la única persona transgénero que defiende el “patriarcado”, en el sentido de que NO JUZGO A PERSONAJES HISTÓRICAS POR NUESTROS ESTÁNDARES MODERNOS! Todo el mundo puede criticar a Freud, y, por Dios y la satánica virgin, la trama de La Ilíada literalmente se trata del rabio de Aquiles por el robo de su esclava por parte de Agamemnon. Ahora bien, fueran quien fuesen estos hombres, el hecho es que Freud descubrió que existía un subconsciente y tú no. Homero era el maestro de hexamétrico dactíclico sincopado en un mundo en que la escritura era apenas conocida— y tú no.

Claro que estos hombres no tenían estándares morales que debamos replicar hoy en día, obviamente, pero estoy hart@hart@ hart@ de gente queer que critica nuestros antepasados intelectuales. Os acuerdo que no estamos de acuerdo con ellos precisamente porque utilizamos lo que ellos han descubierto para ir más allá.

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