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Reflections on the Old Testament/Reflexiones sobre el Viejo Testamento

It’s a shame Hitler and Yahweh didn’t get on better. So much slaughter and holocausts, there’s so much they had in common!

Es una pena que Hitler y Yahveh no se llevaron mejor. Entre tantos derramamientos de sangre y holocaustos, uno pensaría que tendrían un montón de cosas en común.

Dalai Lama and Religion

If I’m not mistaken, the Dalai Lama’s technical stance on oral sex is that it’s bad karma, which is rubbish, sucks and blows.

Regarding related matters, to everyone who’s mad at the Dalai Lama, remember that Buddhism is in some ways (not all!) pre-modern. Like Catholicism, it needs reforms too.

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