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Trans women and sexual empowerment 

So many complex feelings ‘bout this. So, I get rather angsty whenever the subject of female sexual empowerment is brought up. Considering, I’m a trans woman, so this sort of makes me feel like shit. What kind of woman feels bad about her own and her sisters’ sexual empowerment?

Long answer. For twenty-three years I tried, really tried to be a straight-ish boy. I gave it a go in every conceivable way. It never really worked out for me. So I’m transitioning and, yes, on the whole things are starting to work out much better.

But the thing is, before I began my transition I had no idea where I fit into cissexual, heterosexual (“normal”) human sexuality. Because I was an intellectual little nerd, I’d read about things like evolutionary psychology, which would almost bring me to tears because it seemed to imply that no one would ever love me. When I began seriously investigating gender nonconformity and then, several years later, transitioning, I encountered infamous sexist psychologists like Raymond Blanchard. I would again be brought to the brink of tears ‘cause I thought, well shit, no one is ever going to love me. Read the rest of this entry »

Transgender language nerd time!

So I saw an infographic on Tumblr. Basically it went like this: “don’t call trans women transwomen ’cause that others then, makes them sound like some sort of alien freak of nature, not just a type of woman, much like a cis woman.

The thing is, noun phrases like this are always written as a single word auf Deutsch. I wouldn’t say this is offensive. That said, I don’t know much about the German trans community. But it’s important to remember these phrases have a different cultural-linguistic association.

Language defines us and we define language. And it changes and we change and we change it.

Trans folks, let’s talk about bravery/gente trans, hablemos del valor


So why is it that a lot of trans folks, when cis people say something like, “Oh, you are so brave doing what you did,” either get fussy or reply with, “No, you’re wrong. I was so terrified the whole time.”

Didn’t you guys ever read or hear whatever that quote, that bravery is being scared shitless and doing it anyway? Enough of this self-deprecation. We’re all very brave!




Lo que no entiendo es por qué, cuando la gente cis nos dicen algo como “Eres tan valiente. Yo nunca podría hacer algo así”, nos ponemos quiquillos@s o nos enfadamos y contestamos, “No, no lo entiendes. Es que tenía tanto miedo todo el tiempo!”

Mira, ¿nunca habíais leído esa cita donde se dice “El valor no es la ausencia del miedo, sino hacer lo que tienes que hacer con todo el miedo del mundo”?

Entonces, basta. Tod@s somos increíblemente valoros@s.


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